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Est release: Q2 2022
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SNK Genuine License-Xingzhizi Studio / Tunshi Studio


After more than a year of painstaking research and development, Tonshi Studio will successively launch the "King of Fighters '97" 1/6 movable series products, which will truly restore the characters in the classic arcade fighting game, bring you back to childhood memories and feel the blood of the arcade. era.


The series premiered Blue Mary, one of the three goddesses in "The King of Fighters’ 97". With short blonde hair and a toned body, Brue Marie has outstanding fighting skills, especially good at grappling with pitching and joint strikes. With the specially selected encapsulated body, players can restore the classic moves of the goddess fighting at will.


Tunshi Studio adheres to the concept of restoring the settings and restoring the classics, bringing players a variety of cloth-clothed movable dolls to pay tribute to the classics.


product content:
-A head sculpt of Blue Marie's calm expression
-A head sculpture of Brue Marie with squinting eyes
-One encapsulated body
-Eight hands
-A pair of brown leather shoes
-A set of Blue Marie costumes
*One piece of red vest
*A pair of blue trousers
*Two leather belts (including metal belt buckle)
*One green jacket
-One modeling platform (including bracket)

Tunshi Studio X Nova Kid TS-XZZ-001 KOF 97 Blue Mary 1/6 Figure