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PTU (Police Tactical Unit)
1: Mobile troops patrol uniform
Summer shirt (Sheriff's Epaulette)
Action beam pants
Leather belt

2: Mobile troops patrol equipment
Smith Wesson military revolver, holster
Quick bomber, set
Telescopic baton, set
Pickled pepper spray, set
Flashlight, set
Communicator, set
Otter, set
Sundries bag x2, hand buckle, spoon, pen
Universal buckle x2


3: Anti-riot equipment
Riot helmet
Protective half finger gloves
Riot armor
Gas mask bag
Large capacity pepper spray, leg sleeve
Teardrops x2, bag
Low lethal shotgun
Long shield
Fast cable x3
M870 shotgun

4: Individuals and special parts
Head sculpt
Sunglasses, watches
Winter shirt (senior inspector's epaulette), branded
Black tie
Lanyard cord

PRO FORCE TOYS PFT01 Protector 1/6 Figure

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