The latest character to join Kotobukiya’s line of 1/7 scale statues of characters from the hit mobile game Azur Lane is Ryuuhou in the “Firebird’s New Year Dance” skin!


Check out the sculpting of her bountiful breasts that look as though they will slide out at any minute!


Her beautiful legs also give off a sense of softness in the way it has been sculpted.


The slender hands holding the “ema” (votive picture tablet) are sculpted at a perfect angle to create a graceful appearance.


The hair ornaments and the arrows used to drive off evil are also reproduced in great detail.


The gold coloring used for the base yellow theme of the kimono coupled with vivid red highlights creates a beautiful finish on this statue.


The talismans on the giant boulder can be affixed wherever the user would like.

Kotobukiya Ryuuhou (Firebird’s New Year Dance)