From the groundbreaking multiplayer horror game “Dead By Daylight”, that recently celebrated its 4th anniversary, comes a scale figure of the iconic killer, THE TRAPPER!
This figure comes to life through the skilled hands of the sculptor MASATO OHATA, who is also a big fan of this game. Various painting techniques were utilized to recreate each detail of this character from the scars on the cracked skin that cover his burly body to the fingertips that are stained red from the countless times of wiping away the blood of his victims.


The base is based on The Trapper’s stage, “MacMillan Estate”, in the game.


The window sills, sealed off by the power of The Entity, will be sure to tickle your sense of fun.


This scale figure has been made to look perfect displayed next to BISHOUJO series statues; especially statues from the HORROR BISHOUJO lineup!


The Hillbilly and The Wraith will be joining the lineup soon! Recreate the world of “Dead By Daylight” by collecting all the figures! Don’t miss out on further developments!

Kotobukiya Dead by Daylight The Trapper Statue