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* Price for either A/B
Easy&Simple 36001A NSWDG Escorting Team (Team Leader)
Easy&Simple 36001B NSWDG Escorting Team (Team Member)

Breakdown List:
Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

Custom BDU Jacket
BDU Pants
Baseball Cap

0612A Rigger’s Belt


NSWDG Chicken Plate (Leader)
MBSS Plate Carrier (Member)
1961A Chest Rig

NSWDG 416 Assault Rifle (Leader)
NSWDG MK18 Assault Rifle (Member)
551 Holographic Weapon Sight
PEQ -2
M600 Tactical Light
Tactical Foregrip
Assault Sling
30rd Magazines

P-220 Pistol
Pistol Magazine
Tactical Holster


MOAB Ventilator Boots (Leader)
Kailash Boots (Member)
Heavy Duty 4.0 Gloves

Dominator Tactical Headset& PTT
PRC-148 Radio
Folding Antenna (Leader)
Foretrex 101 GPS
M-67 Grenade
Mk13mod0 Grenades
IR Light Stickers
Safety Sling

Easy&Simple 36001 NSWDG Escorting Team

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