Breakdown List 

Real like Head Sculpt 

ES-Buddy 2.0 Body 


Cold Hat

Frog Logo Printed Shirt  *New

LEAF Minotaur Half Zip Jacket   *New

Custom L7 Monster Over Coat  *New

AOR1 Custom Navy Cut Combat Pants  *New


0612A Rigger’s Belt


AOR1 Plate Carrier(Early version)  *New


AOR1 MLCS MBITR PRC 148 Pouch  *New

AOR1 MLCS Admin Pouch   *New

AOR1 MLCS Single Pistol Mag Pouch

AOR1 MLCS Double M4 Mag Pouch  *New

AOR1 MLCS Single M4 Mag Pouch  *New

AOR1 MLCS Double MP7 Mag Pouch  *New

AOR1 Hydration Pouch *New

AOR1 6074A Modular Battery/NVG Pouch

AOR1 Hand Warmer  *New


416 5.56mm Assault Rifle with DEVGRU DD Handguard  *New

NF 2.5*10 Rifle Scope

5.56 Blackout Suppressor

M600 Weapon Light with Offset Mount

LA5 Peq Indicator

Folding Ironsight

30rd Steel Mag

30rd Emag

Assault Weapon Sling


MP7 4.6mm Sub-machinegun

Enhance Rail System

551 Holo Sight

Compact Tactical Foregrip

M300 Tactical Light with Offset

LA5-PEQ Indicator

MP7 Suppressor

40rd Magazines

Tactical Elastic Sling


P-226 9mm Pistol 

Pistol Suppressor 

AOR1 0372P Pistol Holster (Left Hand Version)  *New

Extended Pistol Mag

Pistol Mag


AOR1 FAST High Cut Helmet

L4G32 NVG Mount System


Remote Battery Pack


Original Tactical Gloves (Left Hand Version)  *New

Quest 4D Hiking Boots


AOR1 Waterproof Gaiters  *New


U94 PTT   

Dominator Headset 

PRC-148 Radio



Foretrex 401 GPS  

V-lite Manta Strobe

Utility Knife

M-67 Frag Grenade

MK13MOD0 Flash Bang 

Anti-Structure Hand Grenade  *New

IR Light Stick

SF Personal Safety Sling

LEAF Kneecap


Easy&Simple 26030C Special Mission Unit Part X Frozen N