Release date: Feb 2021

Rodan (1956) is newly introduced to the FAVORITE SCULPTORS LINE; a series of making famous creators garage kit into a soft vinyl figure. This time Rodan created by ASAI ZOUKEI is made into a soft vinyl figure. Rodan, an ancient pterosaur which flew from Mount Aso. Its large dynamic wing and specific detail touch to the inner side of the wing is modeled just like the scene in the film. In addition to the feature ASAI ZOUKEI modeled, XPLUS adjusted the back’s form by referencing new data as the expanded/revised version of the past model with ASAI ZOUKEIs agreement. Have it in your hands and please enjoy the visual of the completed soft vinyl figure.
Modeled by ASAI ZOUKEI


Height: approx 36 cm

X-Plus TOHO 30cm Favorite Sculptors Line - Rodan (1956)