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Presenting the Godzilla (1984) from the 1984 Godzilla film, coming to you straight from Yuji Sakai Modeling collection, a soft vinyl series produced using molds made and supervised by Yuji Sakai himself!


This figurine is modeled after Godzilla in the climactic scene of the film where it finds itself face-to-face against Super X in Shinjuku.


Godzilla, the avatar of terror that tramples on a Japan that had achieved rapid economic growth and remarkable development by 1984, has been faithfully reproduced by hand using the treasured materials of Yuji Sakai.
Marking a major turning point in its history at which the Showa series transitions into Heisei VS series, Godzilla(1984) is no doubt a figurine that all collectors would want to own.


Height: approx 29cm, Length: approx 48cm

X-Plus Godzilla 1984 The final battle at Shinjuku TOHO Yuji Sakai

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