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Created under the concept of " Déformer × Real " the Deforeal series line features figures from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah to Destoroyah (Final Form)! Destoroyah, who can bethought of as the incarnation of the "Oxygen Destroyer" which had killed Godzilla previously, is finally part of the series. The entire figure of Destoroyah is deformed while details from the film are vividly presented in the figurine, including the striking features of its head such as the horn on its forehead and the fangs around its mouth, as well as the wings for which Destoroyah is known for. Make sure you get your own palm-sized Destoroyah today to enjoy its imposing poise.

Height: approx 16cm, Length: approx 19cm, Width: approx 21cm

X-Plus Deforeal Series - DF Destroyah

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