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Est release: Q4 2021
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Ray Harryhausen was a master of stop motion animation. Rhedosaurus, one of this master’s creations, has joined the DefoReal series! Rhedosaurus continues to influence countless works with its quadrupedal, carnivorous, dinosaur-like appearance from the time of its debut in 1953 and its timeless appeal as a character has been transformed into a figure standing at 15 centimeters tall! Its distorted shape achieves balance through its incredibly sculpted yet lifelike appearance, making it a real eye-catcher and features a closed jaw, glaring eyes and fully painted features based on the black and white version of the film. Don’t let the chance to get this intimidating yet somehow adorable version of the almighty Rhedosaurus pass you by!

Model produced by: Kaibutsuya


Height: approx 14cm Length: approx 21cm

X-Plus Defo-Real Series - DF Rhedosaurus Color & B&W (Ray Harryhausen)