Release date: Q3 2021


Product Details:
-A head sculpt of Hawangmaru's majestic expression
-A head sculpture of Bawang Maru with a smile and a straw emoji
-An exclusive movable muscle body for Bawang Maru (arms and calves are hand-bound with bandages and have an old effect)
-A set of Bawang Maru costumes (including old-fashioned effects)
-Five pairs of hands exclusive to Bawang Maru:
* A pair of fist hands
* A pair of natural relaxing hands
* A pair of special open hands
* A pair of holding hands
* A pair of sword-drawing hands


-A pair of Bawang Maru high-precision straw-shoe feet (including the old effect)
-One Bawang Wan jug (including the effect of ageing)
-Bawang Maru Sabre "pufferfish poison" (precision moulded alloy blade, hand-banded handle)
-One special effect of Bawang Maru Uranus Arc Moon Slash
-One special effect of Bawang Maru Ukui Cyclone Slash
-One exclusive base for Bawang Maru (including long and short stand)

Tunshi Studio Samurai Shodown II Hoahmaru 1/6 Figure