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License : Annabelle (2014)
Annabelle is an evil, possessed doll first seen in The Conjuring movies. She proved so popular that she got her own film series. Star Ace is offering Annabelle as part of their new Defo Real polyresin collection. These figures are limited edition sizes and are made of high end polystone, while keeping the Defo Real style of realistic likenesses with
stylized, Chibi-like bodies.

The Annabelle Defo Real figure features her look from the first Annabelle movie and comes with authentically styled fabric dress and life-like hair. She will also have her rocking chair. Annabelle is 15 cm tall and comes in an official closed art box.

Approximately L 80mm W 95mm H 150mm (With rocking chair)

Star Ace Toys SA6036 DF Annabelle Statue

Out of Stock
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