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PO closing: 30 Sep 21
Est release: Q1 2022


SA5002 Concavenator (NX) $280
SA5003 Concavenator + Fossil Replica (DX) $390
SA5004 Fossil Replica $125


Star Ace is proud to debut a new collection in collaboration with X-Plus –the Wonders of the Wild series, featuring real ancient animals. Sculpted by renowned animal sculptor, Sean Cooper, these polyresin statues feature prehistoric creatures on an environment base with a name plate identifying their scientific name and habitat.


The Concavenator or Concaventor corcovatus was recently discovered in Europe and is the most complete fossil of a mid-size theropod ever found.  This 6-meter-long carnivore is the only known dinosaur to have a hump, and there is evidence that it had feathers. 


This polyresin statue of the Concavenator is 32 cm long and 25 cm tall. It has been sculpted by Sean Cooper, who is known for his ultra-realistic depictions of extinct animals, and it has been painted by the Japanese artisans at X-Plus.


The base of the statue features the Concavenator’s natural forest habitat. 


The Deluxe set also includes a Concavenator Fossil Replica sculpted by our designer team. This replica features the dinosaur as first discovered and makes an excellent companion piece to the dynamic statue.  It can be displayed with or without its magnetically attachable name plate. The Fossil Replica measures 31cm by 19cm and can be hung on a wall or sitting on a tabletop or shelf. 


Sculptor : Sean Cooper
Painter : Kaibutsuya 怪物屋
Statue: Approximately L 320mm W 130mm H 250mm
Fossil Replica : Approximately L 310mm W 190mm D 30mm
Statue : Approximately : 3.0 Kgs (including Diorama & Package)
Dimension (Shipping Box) : Approximately 350H x 260W x 250D mm

Star Ace Toys SA5002 / SA5003 / SA5004 Concavenator “WONDER WILD" Series Statue