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Weltall-Id from Xenogears has emerged as a BRING ARTS figure!


With wings like a demon, this figure features a unique design that accentuates its sharp edges, and has a great range of motion in its arms and legs. The red paintwork is faithful to the iconic in-game look, as we recreated the ominous and destructive presence that Weltall-Id personifies.


By utilizing the different interchangeable hand pieces included, you can recreate a variety of action poses. To achieve Weltall-ID’s sharp armor molding a majority of the body was constructed out of a rigid ABS with no loss of mobility and with the addition of die-cast ankle joints for additional support.


Figure includes display stand.

Figure Size: W 4.65” x D 4.96” x H 7.95 ”

Square Enix Xenogears Bring Arts Action Figure - Weltall-ID

Out of Stock
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