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From "Overlord" comes a 1/7th scale figure of Albedo, the Guardian of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. Based on the illustration by the original illustrator, so-bin, the beautiful and ephemeral figure of Albedo lying down has been made into a three-dimensional figure.

The sculpting and coloring that has been meticulously crafted down to the last detail create a beautiful finish that looks like a work of art. The pedestal is designed like a picture frame, so you can display it using a stand or remove the main body and display it as it is.

The rose thorns wrapped around her body and the white skin peeking out from her outfit have been treated with a special manufacturing method called "Subehada Processing" that is unique to Spiritale, giving the figure a smooth texture and feel. The detailed fingertips and stretched toes also give off an enchanting atmosphere.

The jet-black wings that cover Albedo are carefully sculpted down to the smallest detail. The paint that shows different colors depending on the angle gives it a fantastic atmosphere. The contrast with the sheets is also an impressive finish.

Reproduce with a beautiful expression and earnest golden gaze, the eyes make the mysterious beauty stand out.

The framed pedestal is based on Albedo's wings and costume decorations, giving it a painting-like finish. The gold color gives it a luxurious feel. Since the main body has magnetic parts, it can be easily removed from the pedestal and displayed as it is. The parts that can't be seen from the front, such as hair and wings, are also well made.


Smooth Skin Processing

Spiritale figures has special method "smooth skin processing" which is used to make the skin area of the figure feel smooth to the touch.
It feels great if you touch it and also looks wonderful. Overall it achieves an impression of ever greater beauty and feeling of reality to the figure.


Est. Figure Size
H 270mm x W 200mm x D 170mm (including pedestal)


Square Enix Overlord Spiritale 1/7 Figure - Albedo (Ending Ver. Art by so-bin)

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