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From "Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai" Mai Sakurajima (Chinese Dress Ver.) appears in Taito Spiritale line.

The attractive facial expression of Mai who is neat and beautiful has been reproduced while keeping the image in the work as it is.

The Chinese dress with a large slit expresses the body line firmly, and the water lily flower design expresses a bewitching and elegant appearance.

Details such as the water lily flowers and lanterns on the pedestal, the wrinkles of the clothes and the flowing clouds are well reproduced. Careful modeling and coloring highlight Mai's beauty. 

The flowing hair, water surface, and clouds are made with clear parts to create a mysterious atmosphere.

Carefully reproduced illustrations drawn by Satomi Tamura, who was in charge of character design and the animation director. Based on the concept of "Mai-san during a commercial shoot", the concept of the shooting scenery as a model is given, and the pedestal is given volume to create a work that can be enjoyed from any angle from 360 degrees.


Smooth Skin Processing
Spiritale figures has special method "smooth skin processing" which is used to make the skin area of the figure feel smooth to the touch.
It feels great if you touch it and also looks wonderful. Overall it achieves an impression of ever greater beauty and feeling of reality to the figure.




Est. Figure Size
H 250mm x W 260mm x D 200mm

Square Enix Mai Sakurajima 1/7 Statue by Taito Spiritale

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