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From FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, Tifa Lockhart, a member of the anti-Shinra organization, makes her appearance as a PLAY ARTS KAI figure!

We have faithfully recreated all the details that were updated and made more intricate for REMAKE – from her hairstyle and earrings to her costume – to pursue a very realistic design.

We utilized updated joint parts in her elbows and knees, to allow for a wide range of motion.

Accessories include interchangeable head and hand parts, as well as hair pieces that give a wind-blown look, which all allow for amazingly dynamic poses.

Figure includes display stand

Figure Size: W 2.9" x D 1.9" x H 10" tall

# Square Enix Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Play Arts Kai Action Figure - Tifa Lockhart

Out of Stock
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