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Inspired by the rare issue Dejah Thoris comic cover art, the Dejah Thoris 1:4 scale statue measures 17” tall and 18” wide as the Princess of Mars rests on the regal Throne of Barsoom flanked by two flaming gold braziers on either side.

This fully sculpted piece portrays the Martian fan-favorite character in her iconic metallic-ornamented costume, embellished with vibrant purple gems and a flowing drape. The fearsome warrior princess’ highly detailed portrait depicts her mesmerizing blue eyes gazing ahead intently as she lounges, sword in hand, between two Thark skull pillars at the arms of her textured throne.


The Deluxe edition includes a fully sculpted green Martian Thark accessory holding three metallic spears as it stands guard behind Dejah Thoris.


Height: 27.5" (70 cm), Width: 23" (58 cm), Depth: 17" (43 cm)

Sideshow 9128332 Dejah Thoris (Deluxe Edition) Quarter Scale Statue by PCS

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