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Product Details:
-Head Sculpt
-Male Figure Body
-LAR-V Rebreather
-TAC-100 Underwater Navigation Board
-MK24MOD0 Pistol
-SI TECH Waterproof Pack
-T-10 Harness and Parachute
-H&K 416
-Oxygen Tank Pouch
-HGU-55/P Helmet with L-3 GPNVG-18 Night Vision Goggles
-Safariland 6004 Holster
-SEAL Dive Mask
-201 GPS
-XS Scuba Beta Titanium Dive Knife
-HALO Oxygen Tanks
-LAR Life Preserver
-Aquacom SSB 1001B OTS Underwater Radio
-Force Fins
-Diving Gloves
-Diving Boots

Mini Times Toys MT-M004 Navy Seal Halo UDT Jumper 1/6 Figure

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