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PO closing: 17 Jan 22
Est release: Q1 2022
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Product Details:
Head Sculpt
Articulated body
Blue Tactical Shirt
Blue Tactical Pants
Black Tactical Belt
Black Tactical Boots
Black Mechanix Gloves
Black FAST Helmet
Black Plate Carrier System
Panoramic Night Vision Goggles
M-Frame Ballistic Glasses
AN/PRC MBITR Radio with PTT and Earpiece
HK-416 Rifle
PMag Rifle Magazines x4
Angled Foregrip
Rifle IR Illuminator
Red Dot Scope
Rifle Sling
M1911 Pistol
M1911 Holster
Pistol Magazine Pouch*5
Black Hatch XTAK Knee Pads
Black "Taco" Rifle Mag Pouches x3
Black "Taco" Pistol Mag Pouches x2
Patch Assortment
Black Radio Pouch
Black Water Blade Pouch
Black Horizontal GP Pouch
Antitank grenade*4

Mini Times MT-M024A SWAT 2.0 1/6 Figure - REORDER