Product Details:
Fine beauty headsculpt x 1
TBLeague Muscle Big Breast Female Body x 1
Carved alloy thin sword x 1
Carved alloy armor (90%)
Necklace x 1
Alloy breastplate x 1
Alloy breastplate (explosive armor) x 1
Alloy Pauldrons x 2
Alloy shoulder armor (explosive armor) x 2
Alloy Arm Armor x 2
Alloy waist and hip armor x 2
Alloy Knee Armor x 2
Alloy shoe escort x 2
Waist Eagle Head Ornament x1
Suede inner armor x 1
Suede side girdle x 2
Leather belt x 1
Suede boots x 1
Handmade waist chain x 1
Black tights x 1
Griffin Totem Battle Dress x 1
Black tights x 2
Griffin Totem Cloak x 1
Glove hand type x 6

LUCIFER LXF2006 Guardian Of The Kingdom Griffin Legion Isabel 1/6 Figure