This is a pre-order item

PO closing: 17 Aug 21
Est release: Q1 2022
Deposit $30


* Price for either A/B/C/D/E
i8-C004A Black stripe furisode
i8-C004B Blue with red flowers furisode
i8-C004C Black with white cats furisode
i8-C004D Pink furisode
i8-C004E Sailor style furisode


Part List:
- Female head sculpt with crystal clear moveable eyeball
- Andon bakama x 1
- Standing collar x 1
- Obi x 1
- Obi knot x 1
- Hakama boots x 1


* Model using S34A body

i8TOYS i8-C004 Shizuku 1/6 Costume Set