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Retro Wolverine from the future!
Digitally sculpted and hand painted 1:8 scale statue.
Based on Old Man Logan Volume #2 issue #24.
Features real metal claws and a costume from the Wastelands!
Don't miss the retro Wolverine from the future! Based on Old Man Logan Volume #2 issue #24, this 1:8 scale Wolverine Old Man Logan Collector's Gallery Statue is a look at one of the possible futures of one of the most popular mutants of all time. Gentle Giant celebrates almost 45 years of Wolverine with an amazing statue that comes with real metal claws, an attitude of "being the best at what he does," and a costume from the Wastelands. The piece is digitally sculpted and hand painted by the talented artisans of Gentle Giant Studios, and every one comes hand numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

# X-Men

Gentle Giant Wolverine 08 Old Man Logan Collector’s Gallery Statue

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