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Sculpted by Gentle Giant's master artisans, this new Collector's Gallery statue recreates the scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in which Lord Vader suddenly appears before Luke Skywalker within the boggy Dark Side cave on Dagobah, silently challenging him to their first confrontation. Vader, surrounded by the denizens of the swamp, ignites his fearsome red lightsaber and advances on our young hero! Each limited edition, hand-painted 1:8th scale Collector Gallery Statue is cast in high-quality polyresin with crisp details. This statue also comes individually numbered with a matching Certificate of Authenticity. This Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Collectors Gallery Statue continues our popular line of 1/8th scaled releases of a figure on a detailed, themed base and celebrates the last 40+ years of the Star Wars saga.

Gentle Giant Star Wars Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back 1/8 Scale Statue

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