Product information
-Head carving: 2 (calm hair head + roaring glue hair head)
-Five pairs of hands
1 pair of fist hands
1 pair of natural hands
pair of stick holding hands
1 pair of prop use hands
1 pair of five fingers combined


full metal handmade armor *1 piece
interior printed robe *1 piece
interior white cloth *1 piece
interior black pants *1 piece
red scarf *1 piece
dark brown belt *1 piece


Body: 1 (double joints, flexible soles)
Boots: 1 pair (removable cloth shoes)


Gold hoop stick *1
Photo Mirror *1
1 Moonlight Box (can be opened and closed)
2 hoop spells (copper)


Base: 1 (special sand bottom platform)
Figure Stand

Genesis Emen DH-MK01 Zhi Zun Bao Monkey King 1/6 Figure

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