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The Chaoseater is a powerful sword in Darksiders, wielded by the protagonist War. It is a large, serrated weapon infused with dark energy, capable of devastating attacks against enemies.


The concept for this bookends statue is inspired by the epic boss battle in Darksiders, where War stabs Straga's vulnerable eye from behind. The bookends feature a convenient gap for displaying books/games, combining both functionality
and style.


Darksiders - Chaoseater Bookends includes:
• Darksiders - Chaoseater Bookends resin painted statue
• Highly detailed base inspired by the Darksiders art style
• Bookends feature to hold books/games upright
• Limited edition numbering & Authentication Card


Product Size and Weight: Statue including base:
16.3”/41.5cm(L) x 7.5”/19.2cm(W) x 7.8”/20cm(H), Weight – 4.62 kg
Carton Size - 52.7cm(L) x 21.7cm(W) x 41.7cm(H), Gross weight - 6.0kg

First 4 Figures F4F Darksiders Chaoseater Bookends

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