Product Details:
-Head carving
-head crown
-Body without accessories
-Replacement hand forms (3 pairs)
-Exquisite packing case


-Bullfighting suit
-Black Leather combat shoes
-Printed topless Robe
-Fattening clothes
-Leather waistband


Armor of Ming Dynasty:
-Metal helmet
-All brass armor (pure copper armor, handmade)
-Metal head guard
-Embroidered close fitting clothes
-Embroidered cummerbund
-Two pieces metal belt
-Brass wrister
-Brass foot guard
-Brass breastplate
-Leather waistcoat


-Metal trunk knife
-Sword (metal blade)
-Metal double handed Broadsword
-Arrows (3)
-Leather bow and arrow bag

Feng Toys F003 Daming Li Rusong Gold Lacquer Mountain Pattern Armour 1/6 Figure

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