Breakdown List:
Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body


GB Printed Shirt *New
Tactical Baseball Cap in Multicam Tropic *New
G3 Crye Combat Shirt in Multicam Tropic *New
G3 Crye Combat Pants in Multicam Tropic *New


Inner Duty Belt
Padded Heavy Duty Cobra Belt LS *New


Deceptor Plate Carrier *New
SCAR-H 7.62 Chest Rig *New
SOF Medic Pouch *New
MBITR Radio Pouch
7.62 Hardshell Mag Pouch with Belt Adaptor
Medium Ammo Mag Pouch
Pistol Double Mag Carrier
Smoke Grenade Pouch


Overload Backpack *New


MK17 SCAR-H 7.62 Assault Rifle with Extended Rail System
5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short Rifle Scope
Rear Iron Sight
7.62 SOCOM Suppressor
LA5 Peq Indicator
M3 Weapon
Weapon Light Remote
Tactical Sling
CQD Sling Ring
20rd Mag


XM2010 .338 Sniper Rifle *New
5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short Rifle Scope


Tactical Bipods
LA5 Peq Indicator


G-17 9mm Pistol
CQC Holster
Pistol Mag


FAST Maritime Cut Helmet *New Color
L4G24 NVG Mount
Remote Battery Pack
NVG Lens Cover *New
Advanced Helmet Velcro Kit *New


Pilot SI Touch Gloves
Kailash GTX Boots


COMTAC1 Headset with Neck Band *New
Peltor PTT
PRC-152 Radio


Foretrex 401 GPS
V-Lite Manta Strobe
M-67 Frag Grenade
M-18 Smoke Grenade
Blast Gauge
SOF TAC Tourniquet

Easy&Simple 26042R Army Special Forces Sniper Tropic Version

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