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-Real like Head Sculpt
-ES-Buddy 2.0 Body

-PCU Level 5 Softshell Jacket
-Gen2 Navy Cut Field Pants

-Bonnie Hat

-0612A Rigger’s Belt

-Navy Jumpable Plate Carrier

-Compact Assault Ghillie Suit

-Jumpable Plate Carrier Radio Pouch Set
-9039A Modular Assault Pack
-Single Frag Grenade Pouch
-Double Pistol Mag Pouch


-Mk15Mod0 Special Applications Sniper Rifle (SASR) 
-NF 12-42x56 Scope
-Lens Cover
-CNVD Long Range(LR) Thermal Sight
-CNVD Rail System
-Blackout Muzzle Brake Cyclops Suppressor Mount Bushmaster 50 BMG
-Blackout Cyclops Suppressor 50 BMG
-Tactical Bipods

-P226 Pistol
-Pistol Magazine
-6354DO ALS Tactical Holster

-FAST Jumpable High Cut Helmet
-NVG Mount Adaptor
-L4G32 NVG Mount System

-Ventilator Boots
-SI Touch Gloves


-C4 OPS Tactical Communication System
-PRC-152 Radio
-PRC-148 Radio
-Extended Antenna

-Juliet Glasses

-Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR)
-M-67 Frag Grenade
-M-18 Smoke Grenades
-V-lite Manta Strobe
-Wrist Compass
-VS-17 Signal Panel
-LEAF Kneecap
-Combat Personal Assistant Terminal
-CPAT Wrist Carrier



Easy&Simple 26031A NSW RECCE Element Shooter

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