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Breakdown List:

Real like Head Sculpt 
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body 


Boss Rugby Shirt  *New
LEAF Combat Pants  *Modified
Head Scarf


0612F Rigger’s Belt


AOR1 Aero Assault Basic Armor Carrier  *New


AOR1 MBITR PRC 148/152 Pouch 
AOR1 2586 Admin Pouch   *New
AOR1 Double Pistol Mag Pouch
AOR1 IFAK Pouch  *New
AOR1 T.S.Q Tourniquet
AOR1 Titian Weapon Retention   *New


DEVGRU Custome 5.56 RECCE Rifle
NF 2.5*10 Rifle Scope
Tactical Compact Foregrip
QD 5.56 Suppressor
LA5 Peq Indicator
30rd Steel Mag
30rd Pmag


417 7.62 Designated Marksman Rifle
Razor HD 2 1-6 Scope
Offset Mount
Mini Reddot Sight
LA5 Peq Indicator
FA-7.62SV Suppressor
AOR1 Suppressor Cover   
Tactical Bipods
417 10rd Mag
417 20rd Mag


XM2010 .300 Sniper Rifle *New
NF 12-42x56 Rifle Scope
RAPTAR Multipurpose Tactical Module *New
Tactical Bipods
.300 Mag


G-19 9mm Pistol with Magwell
X300 Weapon Light 
AOR1 6354DO ALS Pistol Holster
Pistol Mag

Easy&Simple 26030B Special Mission Unit Part X PSD Surveillance Team Chief

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