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Release date: Jun 2021
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Straight out of Flynn's arcade, this incredible Tron Deluxe 3-Pack Action Figure Box Set inspired by the landmark 1982 motion picture Tron showcases Tron and Sark's final showdown as Flynn plunges into the Master Control Program's core to return to the real world. The electronic box set features exclusive action figure packaging based on the actual vintage 1980s Tron arcade machine. Plus, there are 7-inch collector-scale action figures of Tron, Sark, and Flynn, each with 16 points of articulation, identity disc accessories, and UV reflective paint that glows when the light-up electronics in the package are activated! The Tron Electronic Arcade-Style Box Set includes batteries and measures over 16-inches tall x 11-inches wide.


The arcade-styled packaging features a full light-up Tron marquee, an authentic replica of the Tron arcade joystick and two different UV light sequences. The multiple flashing, multicolored LEDs and ultraviolet lights are activated by pressing the Player 1 or Player 2 start buttons located on top of the replica arcade control console.

Diamond Select Tron Deluxe 3-Pack Action Figure Box Set