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Pre order closedThe "M" Sixth Scale Figure features:
· Asmus Teenager Body 4.0
· Approximately 20 cm tall
· Over 28 points of articulation

Features :
· Super detailed head sculpt
· One pair of relaxed hands
· One pair of gun holding hands
· One pair of gloved hand

Special features on Clothing:
· One green bomber jacket
· One brown sweater
· One striped crop t-shirt
· One floral A-line skirt
· One pair of purple leggings
· One pair of white socks
· One pair of black boots
· One black choker


Special features in weapons:
· One M14BER
· One M134 Minigun
· One Rabbi (blue gun)
· One revolver

· One brown bag
· One package

Asmus Toys Girl Crush Series GC001A: M 1/6 Action Figure

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