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The DANTE (DMC V) Sixth Scale Figure Features:
· Asmus ADAM body
· Approximately 31 cm tall
· Over 32 points of articulation

· Super detailed head sculpt accurately depicted from the video game
· One pair of relaxed posture hands
· One pair of weapon holding hands
· One pair of fists

Special Features on Clothing:
· Manufactured and designed by POP Toys
· One crimson red leather coat
· One saturated blue shirt
· One pair of black leather pants
· One pair of two parted black boots


Special Features in Weapons:
· One Rebellion
· One Ebony
· One Ivory
· One Devil Sword Dante

· One Asmus Toys Deluxe figure stand

Asmus Toys DMC502 The Devil May Cry Series: Dante (DMC V)

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