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Release date: Jun 2021


To the Deformation×Real concept series line “Deforeal”, Dr, Serizawa from “Godzilla” (1954) is newly introduced to the series! The model revives Dr. Serizawa with a diving suit which appears in the climax of the film. In his hands he holds an oxygen destroyer which he invented himself and dives deeply into Tokyo Bay to share his faith with Godzilla. This product is a Black & White version expressing the coloring of the diving suit. Also in the helmet window, Godzilla under the sea is reflected. The memorable scene is revived with a sticker print. Even though knowing the madness of the science‘s influence more than anyone, Dr. Serizawa faced the threat till the end and did his best of his ability. Please enjoy the hand sized Dr. Serizawa at a nearby distance!


Height: approx 13cm

X-Plus DF Dr. Serizawa "Godzilla : King of the Monsters 2019"

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