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From the Taito Spiratale line comes Kurumi Tokisaki, from Date A Live IV, in gorgeous lingerie! Each detail is delicately brought to life, with Kurumi's soft curves and vivacious outfit complimenting her sultry expression. Kurumi's stand features an exciting contrast of sleek metal gears and beautiful roses, matching the contrast between her guns and adornments. She will be a fantastic addition to any Date A Live IV fan's collection!


Smooth Skin Processing
Spiritale figures has special method "smooth skin processing" which is used to make the skin area of the figure feel smooth to the touch.
It feels great if you touch it and also looks wonderful. Overall it achieves an impression of ever greater beauty and feeling of reality to the figure.




Est. Figure Size
H 10.63" (27 cm), W 9.45" (24 cm), L 8.27" (21.01 cm)

Square Enix Date A Live IV 1/7 Figure - Kurumi Tokisaki (Lingerie Swimwear)

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