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Price for either A/B/C/D
NOVA-10A $105
NOVA-10B $77
NOVA-10C $105
NOVA-10D $72


* Long hair roaring head sculpt
* Set of black school uniforms
* White T-shirt
* A pair of black leather shoes
* Black vintage leather school bag
* One basketball (PO gift)


* Short hair bandaged roaring head sculpt
* One piece of blue vest
* One pair of white shorts
* A pair of white protective shoes
* One basketball (PO gift)


* Short hair roaring head sculpt
* A set of white home jerseys
* One piece of white leggings
* A new pair of new development white six sneakers
* Blue sports tube pack
* One basketball (PO gift)


* Body (about 31.5 cm high)
* Hand type x8
- Left and right hand grip type
- Left and right natural sagging hand
- Left and right catcher type (built-in strong magnetic)
- Right handed shooter
- Left hand dunk tight hand
* Pair of bare feet (new)

NOVA Studio NOVA-10 Genius Basketball Player 1/6 Accessories

Out of Stock
  • PO closing: 10 Mar 21

    Please contact us to enquire product availability if it is already over the closing date.

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