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Est release: Q2 2022
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The tide becomes red and bitter, and the beast of the apocalypse comes forth...DefoReal brings you “Godzilla Ultima” from all-new anime TV series Godzilla Singular Point! The evolved third form
of this “ultimate creature” has been shrunk down and reproduced as compact model that mashes the déformer style together with reality, making it a destructively awesome piece. It has been reproduced to achieve a jaw-dropping balance between its body, long tail and massive jaw that will make you feel like you’re standing before the very same Godzilla as seen in the series. Be sure to get your hands on this model of Godzilla Ultima, the very first Godzilla made in Japan since the beginning of the Reiwa Era!


Length: Approx 18cm

X-Plus Defo-Real Series - DF Ultima