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Show off your Game of Thrones fandom with this Game of Thrones Houses Ring Set! This set represents 8 of Westeros’ great houses, with the sigil boldly displayed on top and the house motto inscribed on the inside. Each base metal ring is adjustable from sizes 9-13 and has an antique patina enhancing the relief artwork. To fully break down each ring’s house, image and motto:


House Stark’s direwolf sigil with “Winter is Coming” on Nickel Plate Finish.
House Lannister’s Lion with “Hear Me Roar” on Gold Color Finish.
(“A Lannister always pays his debts” is not the official motto, despite being used more.)
House Arryn of the Vale’s Facon and Moon with “As High as Honor” (Nickle Plate)
House Baratheon’s Stag with “Ours is the Fury” (Nickle)
House Greyjoy’s Kraken with “We Do Not Sow.” (Nickle)
House Tyrell’s Rose motif with “Growing Strong) (Gold Color)
House Martell’s Sunspear image with “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”
(Although in House of the Dragon, Dorne’s not part of the Realm…yet.)
House Targaryn’s Dragon, in three headed glory, with “Fire and Blood” in Rose Gold Color Finish.


Readers of George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood, the source material of House of the Dragon, already know why it’s important that the Targaryn’s sigil is red and not gold, but show-only viewers will surely find out! In the meanwhile, you can mix and match these rings, distribute to your next Small Council meeting, or display them in the beautiful collector’s quality packaging.

Salesone Studios Game of Thrones Houses Ring Set

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