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PO closing: 27 Jul 21
Est release: Q1 2022
Deposit $35


Product Details:
Cloth parts:
Safety reflective clothing
Army green jacket
Black Short T-shirt
Tool belt


Personal equipment part:
Quick release flashlight
Quick release earmuffs
Protective masks
Electrician Headsculpt
Male body
Two pairs of labor gloves
Safety shoes (hollow)
Tattoo arm sleeves can be freely matched (hollow)

Two USB portable fans


Generator (movable imitating hand start)
Electric pick (with two ends)
Charging batch (can be operated horizontally and vertically)
Glass glue gun
Level ruler
Pull ruler
Lithium fishing pliers
Red cross batch
Green batch
Yellow knife
Blue wire pliers
test pencil
Red, yellow wire tape
Mountain climbing buckle two
Wire rack (with three-barrel wire)


Pre-order Gift:
Power extension cord, socket, two-barrel wire

Proforcetoys P005-E Electrician 1/6 Figure