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Release date: Q1 2021
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Twelve Ghost Samurai – Thunder is one of the Ghost Samurai of this army. He has two special full Die-Cast weapons in this box set. There is head sculpt with ghost mask and full set classic samurai clothes set with samurai armour.


Product Details:
Thunder head sculpt with mask    x 1
Thunder Samurai clothes set      x 1
Thunder Samurai Suit of Armour   x 1
Thunder Samurai armour   x 2
Thunder Samurai foot armour    x 2
Thunder Samurai Dress seam     x 1
Thunder Samurai Downiness  x 1
Nagamaki (Die-Cast)     x 1
Kanabo (Die-Cast)    x 1
Straw Sandals    x 1
Different kinds of hands   x 6
1/6 Scale of Figure Body   x 1

EdStar ESS-005 Twelve Ghosts Samurai - Thunder 1/6 Figure