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Take a journey to the dark-side of Marvel's Villains, with the Marvel Maximum Venom Special MEA-018 SP Figure 2-Pack - San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Previews Exclusive. Taking arguably two of the most famous characters from Marvel; Spider-Man and Iron-Man and poisoning them with the symbiote of Venom, the special edition sets sees our two characters in the midst of transformation. Including a unique special edition base for both, the black Venom is taking over the bodies of both characters. Spider-Man's classic red and blue costume is already half taken over into a black and white classic Venom look. Meanwhile Iron-Man's fusion is taking the suite to the brink of explosion. A translucent red and metallic sheen showcases the menacing looking character. For all fans of Venom as well as "heroes turned evil," make sure to add these two MEA figures to your collection today! Limited edition of 2,000 pieces!

Beast Kingdom Marvel Maximum Venom MEA-018SP Figure 2-Pack SDCC 2020 PX

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