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PO closing: 20 Sep 21
Est release: Q1 2022
Deposit $55


Product Details:
· Approximately 31 cm tall
· Over 32 points of articulation


Features :
· Asmus ADAM + bulk body
· Super detailed head sculpt accurately depicted from the video game
· One pair of relaxed posture hand
· One pair of weapon griping hand
· One pair of fist

. One sword drawing left hand


Special features on Clothing:
· Manufactured and designed by POP Toys
· One pair of long dark blue navy coat with imprinted pattern
· One pair of black leather pants
· One soft plastic specially designed Vergil vest
· One pair of two parted boots with enhanced ankle joint


Special features in weapons:
· One metallic blade Yamato an scabbard


· One Asmus Toys Deluxe figure stand

Asmus Toys DMC500 THE DEVIL MAY CRY SERIES : VERGIL (DMC V) 1/6 Figure (Normal)