Release date: Q3 2021


Godzilla (1954) from Godzilla (released in 1954) has been added to our Favorite Sculptors Line!
The Godzilla 1954 garage kit released by Inoue Arts in 1986 which shows off Godzilla in its pose as it landed in Tokyo has been transformed into a fully painted soft vinyl figurine standing at 55
cm. tall! In addition to its incredible size, this model created by Inoue Arts (Mr. Inoue) gives off an incredible presence with its spectacular detail that produces a realistic look and shows Godzilla’s
incredible power. Additionally, Mr. Inoue took it upon himself to even brush up the detail on the release of this PVC version so that collectors can enjoy this figurine as an updated version of Mr.
Inoue’s work! Be sure to get your hands on this impressive figure while you still can! Modeled by Inoue Arts

Height: Approx 49cm / Depth: Approx 70cm

X-Plus Gigantic Series - GIG Godzilla 1954