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PO closing: 31 Mar 21
Release date: Q4 2021
Deposit $35


Product Details:
- One(1)head
- One(1)durable body
- Four(4)pair of hands(neutral, fist, holding guns, holding objects)
- One(1)old fashion vest
- One(1) old fashion shorts
- One(1) green sleeve
- One(1) green apron
- One(1)white cloth apron
- Two(2)Chef knifes, one mulberry knife and one bone chopper
- One(1)bushcraft chopper
- One(1) pair of meat hanger
- One(1) pair of rain boots
- One(1) pig head
- One(1) Wood meat chopping board
- One(1) rack with drawer

WorldBox AT033 Downtown Union Butcher 1/6 Figure