The First Bomb in the Hunting Demon Hunter Series
It is jointly developed with the senior DIY player “76 Jazz”
Introduction for Hunting Demon Hunter: He learns from Vesemir. And he has to experience three extremely dangerous variations, if he wants to be a hunting demon hunter. Most of people will die in the process of variations. But our major role will survive. Further, his hair will get white because of this. And then he will get the nickname of “White Wolf”. He had two girlfriends Yenefa and Therese, has an adaptive daughter Cyril, and has two bad friends poet Dandryn and dwarf Dretan.
Hair Carving for Hair Transplant   1pc
Hormone for Height Increase   1pc
Gloves   3 pairs
Shoes   2 pairs
Leather Leg Protector   2pcs
Alloy Leg Protector   2pcs
Space Cotton and Leather Outer Pants 1pc
Leather and Handmade Woven Metal Locking Armor and Space Cotton Coat   1pc
Alloy Arm Armor   2pcs

Leather Arm Protector    2pcs
Leather and Metal Breast Plate   1pc
Fur Collar   1pc
Metal Steel Sword   1pc
Sword Scabbard   1pc
Metal Sword with Double-headed Beast   1pc
Metal Scabbard with Double-headed Beast   1pc
Metal Wolf Necklace   1pc
Leather Metal Waistband   2pcs
Leather Satchel   1pc

WAR STORY WS005 - 1/6 Hunting Demon Hunter Series


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