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Spiritale has disclosed an occurring 1/7 scale figure of Pretty Rabbit Hatsune Miku for her occurring 2021 birthday. Hakusai furnished the illustration for the design, and this version of Hatsune Miku is the poster girl for DECO*27s Jump Up, a song written in commemoration of Mikus 14th anniversary.

Pretty Rabbit Hatsune Miku wears a fancy rose dress and she has a depressed birthday banner around her chest. apart from the bunny ears and her signature pigtails, she too has a dark rabbit tied to her birthday banner. In addition, some of the balloons around her are formed like rabbits. She faces to be in the middle of binding, with her arms upward like she is feigning they are bunny ears.

Spiritale figures has special method "smooth skin processing" which is used to make the skin area of the figure feel smooth to the touch.
It feels great if you touch it and also looks wonderful. Overall it achieves an impression of ever greater beauty and feeling of reality to the figure.


H 215mm (Top of the head) x W 270mm x D 205mm


Materials: PVC, ABS

Square Enix - Vocaloid 1/7 Hatsune Miku Birthday 2021 (Pretty Rabbit) by Taito

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