* 2 weeks to arrive upParts List:
Simulated star headsculpt (Chen Xiaochun 陳小春)
Newly developed action figure Asian body (with 10 hand types)

Long black shirt
Black casual pants
Black collar coat (winter clothes)
OCTB vest
Hong Kong Police Body Armour
Handmade shoes
Real leather belt


Equipment and accessories:
Interphone (with headset)
Leather ID sleeve (with magnet)
Metal glasses
Metal handcuff
All-metal S&W M10 Revolver (with 12 brass bullets)
*The trigger can be moved. The bullet can be loaded into gun*
* With leather holster
Special platform bracket
Luxury leather collection box

SKYR1M TEAM HM001 - OCTB Phoenix Chan 反黑 陳鳳翔