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Dig into the Whaleontology Designer Collectible Toy Set and discover these outrageous Cretaceous specimens!


Gentleman Rex is a dapper theropod who dines in only the highest society, proving that sophistication never goes extinct. 


He may be a herbivore, but everything in outer space is a little meteor to the intrepid deep-space Brachionaut. 


And they say fossils tell no tales, but they’ve never met the MosasARRR!, a salty sea dog worth weighing anchor for.


Make no bones about it- these limited-edition Designer Dinos by Tom Whalen are packed with prehistoric personality that you’ll want to excavate for yourself.


Materials: Resin


Est. Product Size: 
Gentlemen Rex: Height: 9.6" (243.84 mm) | Width: 5.5" (139.7 mm) | Depth: 5.2" (132.08 mm)


Brachionaut: Height: 11.6" (294.64 mm) | Width: 3.9" (99.06 mm) | Depth: 7.7" (195.58 mm)


MosasARRR!: Height: 9.8" (248.92 mm) | Width: 6.5" (165.1 mm) | Depth: 6.9" (175.26 mm)

Sideshow Unruly Industries – Whaleontology

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