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Spider-Man is back- and I’m here to stay!”


Sideshow presents the Spider-Man Life-Size Bust, bringing everyone’s favorite webhead to your lineup of Marvel collectibles in epic 1:1 scale.


The Spider-Man Life-Size Bust measures 23” tall and 19.5” wide, putting you face to face with Peter Parker’s heroic alter-ego. Sculpted into a nimble and energetic posture, this lifelike life-size collectible is packed with personality as Spider-Man uses his Spidey sense to scout for danger. 


Perched on a sleek silver base, all the focus remains on the wall-crawler,

whose detailed costume sculpt features black web impressions, a raised black spider-symbol on his chest, and large white eyes on his mask to give him a classic Spidey expression. Hints of blue can be seen on his back, and the entire bust is painted dynamically to emphasize Peter Parker’s agile, athletic physique.


Height: 23" (584.2 mm) | Width: 19.5" (495.3 mm) | Depth: 18.5" (469.9 mm) |

Sideshow Spider-Man Life-Size Bust

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