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Release date: Q1 2021
Deposit $40

Product List:
Head sculpture *1
interchangeable fin with magnetic feature*1
interchangeable prototype fin with magnetic feature*1
Articulated body*1
Real hand*6
Exclusive platform*1

Burgundy and purple colored multi-pattern leather-like long coat*1
White colored patterned scarf*1
Burgundy colored leather-like short jacket*1
Pair of suspenders with arrow holster*1
Pair of multi-texture burgundy colored pants*1
Pair of black boots with articulation on the ankle*1


Yaka Arrow*1
Dagger (detachable from the wristband holster)*1
Translucent red-colored Yaka Arrow floating effect attachable to the arrow holster*1
Leather-like wristband with dagger holster (attachable to left forearm)*1

PRESENT TOYS PT-sp07 Galactic Predator 1/6 Figure